• PROSU is a unique, one of a kind progressive step system

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Patent Pending Angled Step Position

-Allows for 10 degrees of supination in both directions

-Aids patients in maintaining proper hip and knee position with single leg squats

-Can reduce pain with single leg squat exercises

“We use PROSU with nearly every LE patient we see.  Being able to put the foot into supination really helps when initially training for proper knee position.”  

Ryan Tauzell, PT, Cert MDT

“First off, the adjustability of PROSU is great! Secondly, I love the small footprint of the design.  It is easy to move around the clinic when needed.  I have also used it frequently for my Home Health patients.”

Lindsey Krull, DPT

“Simple, strong, and very easy to use. Works amazing for ACL closed chain progressive single leg squats.”



Created by a Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist.  Its patent pending design provides progressive strengthening for the lower extremity.  It also allows for neuromuscular training for proper ankle, hip, and knee position with step down training.

No other step system currently allows for a more customizable progress for both height and supination of the foot.   PROSU requires no assembly, simply open the box and you are ready to go!


PROSU is made in the USA from solid steel.  It has a durable powder coating and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The adjustable step is constructed from ¾ inch plastic with treads to allow for optimal foot position.  PROSU is designed to hold up to 400lbs of weight.

What's Included:

-PROSU Progressive Step Box
-Plastic Step board with anti slip treads and locking plate
-Non slip mat to protect hardwood and laminate floors (Optional rubber feet also included)
-Instructions for use

PROSU weighs 20lbs, Dementions are 10"H x 8"W x 15"L


FREE standard shipping to the 48 contiguous United States