PROSU Progressive Physical Therapy Step Device

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Do you use step ups or lateral step down testing for your patients?  

Then you need this device!!

PROSU is a unique, one of a kind patent pending physical therapy progressive step device. It was designed by a physical therapist to be used to improve lower extremity strength and control. PROSU allows therapists to progress patients with an incremental step system that will match the patient’s individual recovery speed. This system allows for easy testing for “Lateral Step Downs” for athletes to progressive strength activities for total knee and osteoarthritis patients. PROSU has also proven to be very successful in the treatment of anterior knee pain with use of its step placement allowing supination of the foot while performing exercises. This system promotes strength, balance and proprioception while helping with neuromuscular education and proper knee position for the reduction of injuries.

PROSU Progressive Step Device

Adjustable from 2"-10" in 1" increments. This allows the device to meet the needs of any patient from ACL rehabilitation to total knee replacements.

Angle step design allows for 10 degrees of supination of the foot to aid in proper knee position and can help decrease knee pain with squatting activities.

Designed by a Physical Therapist and made in USA from solid steel. PROSU holds up to 400 lbs.